Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Stockpile tips

Stockpiling can save your family money and you wont have to run to the store to go run and grab toothpaste,etc. You also won't pay full price for the items either. Here are some tips for stockpiling
-only buy items your family you will use or donate
-when there are multiple inserts buy multiple papers or ask your friends and neighbors to save the coupons for you
-make sure you only buy enough items you can use before it expires
-make a list of the items your family uses regularly then when you find a good sale buy multiples of that item with coupons
-if you are on a tight budget just use $5 a week or when you go shopping for stockpile items
-some great items to stockpile are laundry detergent,toilet paper,paper towels,napkins because they dont expire
-once you build up your stockpile you can shop out of your stockpile instead of at the store
-another great way to save money is to do your menu out of what is in your stockpile and you can skip shopping for a week or if its cold and you dont want to go out
-if it makes it easier focus on one area at a time(health &  beauty,etc)

I also posted pictures of my stockpile check out my facebook blog page
-dont get discouraged a stcokpile doesnt appear overnight it takes time

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